DetektivKollektiv in the News

Fake News auf der Spur [Tracing Fake News]
(German only)
AufRuhr, 28.7.2020

Marie talks with AufRuhr Magazin about the idea, the team and the origin of DetektivKollektiv and how the verification of items will work on the platform. The article also digs deeper intp her personal motivation to invest time and energy in the project and uncovers biographical drivers. In the interview, she explains how it all fits together with her work as MercatorFellow, engaging in countering extremism and radicalisation online.

The article is in German.

Desinformationen in Sozialen Netzwerken [Disinformation in Social Networks]
(German only)
GI – German Informatics Society, 20 July 2020

At the GI Web Talk, Daniel discusses DetektivKollektiv, how we want to fight disinformation online and how we’re different from other fact-checking organizations. DetektivKollektiv builds on a critical mass of volunteers who can verify content quicker and in a more transparent way than existing fact-checking organizations. Using a trust index, the result of our verification will be channeled back to the person who submitted the specific piece of content to us.

The video is in German.

Ein Fall für die Commu­nity [A Case for the Community]
(German only)
Ad Hoc International, 22 May 2020

Marie and Daniel elaborate on the challenges that disinformation and the infodemic pose internationally and explain the concept behind the DetektivKollektiv in more detail.

The article is in German.

Astroturfing, Doxing, Informationswäsche – Manipulationstaktiken im Informationsraum [Astroturfing, Doxing, Information Laundering – Manipulation Tactics in the Information Space]
(German only)
Atlantic Talk Podcast der Deutschen Atlantischen Gesellschaft (DAG), 21 May 2020

Our member Daniel describes the various techniques used to manipulate public opinion against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and European solutions to counter these techniques. He also explains how the DetektivKollektiv can be one part of the solution to fight disinformation.

The episode is in German.