Project Brief

What problem are we tackling?

6x higher

are interactions with “junk news” on Facebook in Germany compared to interactions with content from professional news sources according to a study by the Oxford Internet Institute from 2019.


of all respondents in a representative survey conducted by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfM) in 2019 believe that disinformation is a threat to democracy.

US$ 78 Billion 

represents the annual damage caused by “fake news” worldwide as estimated by Statista.

Our idea

DetektivKollektiv is a community-driven platform where volunteering detectives come together to assess the credibility of online content. With the help of DetektivKollektiv, users have the possibility to quickly and anonymously receive a credibility assessment for digital content – without prior registration or costs. The content is checked by an independent community of volunteers – our detectives. Anyone is welcome to join. Eventually, the Detective’s findings regarding the credibility, is channeled back to the user who submitted it, in the form of a credibility score. However, everyone can access the results in a public archive as well.

DetektivKollektiv is built around three themes:

Counting on the Community!
DetektivKollektiv builds on the collective interest to access reliable news content, a multistage verification process to identify misinformation and various peer reviews by the community.

Making Online Research Fun!
Our Detectives can earn points for research, allowing them to rise up different ranks and get access to new functionalities. Start as a Magnifier Holder and get promoted all the way to Detective Superintendant!

Shining Light on Dubious Online Content!
DetektivKollektiv makes all assessed content and evaluated cases available in our archive, hence providing insights into potential misinformation and viral content that circulates freely online or in encrypted messenger apps.

DetektivKollektiv in a few words

What we want to change: Our mission

DetektivKollektiv wants to enable everyone to have the credibility of digital content assessed in order to expose untrustworthy content and strengthen media literacy – for a resilient and well-informed society.

How do we want to do this: Our solution

DetektivKollektiv is a collective of volunteer detectives who determine the trustworthiness of digital messages through a guided set of proven questions – objectively, transparently and accessible to everyone free of charge. By society for society.

Our process consists of four main steps:

  1. Uncomplicated submission of content to the DetektivKollektiv platform via website and messenger bot.
  2. Random distribution of the content for verification by registered detectives.
  3. Verification of the content by the detective community on the basis of a questionnaire and a peer review process.
  4. External communication of the DetektivKollektiv “confidence index” and publication of the result in the DetektivKollektiv archive openly accessible by the public.