The Team

DetektivKollektiv is a team of roughly 10 individuals who work together in a virtual team to find a solution that addresses and fights dubious content in the web and in encrypted messaging apps.


At DetektivKollektiv, Daniel works on stakeholder management, communication and product development. Working at the intersection of social media, technology and politics on Twitter’s Public Policy team in Dublin, he is passionate about actively shaping a digital future that is positive for our democracies and freedom of expression and the press. He has previously worked on disinformation, open source intelligence and political strategy development for institutions worldwide including the NATO Centre of Excellence in Riga, the European Commission in Brussels and the Digital Forensic Research Lab in Washington DC. He has a track record of published articles and public speaking engagements around disinformation and manipulation of public opinion and would probably pursue an acting career or become a dancer in another life.


Davide works at the intersection between concept or product development and the creation of the user interface. For this purpose he uses his acquired knowledge as a media technology specialist and front-end developer to deliver a positive user experience on the platform. For Davide, the intuitive use and catchy design of an online application go hand in hand and are the most important recipe for success of a user-friendly platform. With his career as a UX designer just kicking off, he is happy to receive feedback and tips on how to design a user-oriented website. Despite his Italian roots, he by far prefers rice to pasta. 


Dirk is involved in the tech team of DetektivKollektiv and supports the detectives with “Machine Learning” in the clearing up of disinformation. He is convinced that “artificial intelligence” should be useful for people, but should not be used for automated evaluation of them. In his studies of physics he was engaged in the experimental research of the basic building blocks of matter and their interactions. After completing his doctorate, Dirk moved to a medium-sized company where he was responsible for the security of smart card software. Today, he works in the Technology Office of a globally active group of companies, where he is responsible for the cross-company activities on “artificial intelligence”. In his free time, Dirk likes to spend time in the Alps with MTB or splitboard. His favorite among the fakes is “537354 – the number that protects against SARS-CoV-2”.


Fran likes to see innovation as an enabler for positive change which has brought her to work in the field of innovation policy as well as for different start-ups and voluntary innovation projects. Within DetektivKollektiv, she mostly dedicates her time to stakeholder management and product development where she can draw on her professional expertise gained in partner and project management. After eight years in Paris and Berlin where among others she worked for the International Chamber of Commerce, non-profit organisations and as Science and Innovation Officer at the British Embassy, Fran is currently on an assignment for UNICEF in West Africa. In addition to discovering the world through travelling, books and food, Fran has a particular interest in the Middle East and Hummus, and just started learning Hebrew.


Marie contributes to DetektivKollektiv in the areas of product development, stakeholder management and communication. During the day she is a Mercator Fellow for International Affairs, working on how and if Artificial Intelligence can counter extremism and radicalisation online in different organisations in London, New York and Berlin. Previously, she worked on international affairs with the think tank Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London and the German Development Cooperation GIZ Delhi, India. She also gained parliamentary experience in the German Bundestag. She studied political science in Berlin, Canterbury and Haifa, Israel. In a parallel universe she is currently a professional beach tester.


At DetektivKollektiv, Nadine supports the teams focusing on product development, internal organization and legal. She earns her bread and butter as HR executive in a medium-sized company that she has helped grow from the beginning as a start-up. Previously, she gained experience as Consultant and QM officer for a personnel service provider. Already during her studies Nadine worked for the research center of the Protestant Study Community (FEST) and for the Association of German Engineers (VDI) in the Future Technology Consulting (ZTC) department. She has a master’s degree from the University of Heidelberg in political science, public law and sociology and is currently fine-tuning her profile with a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources Management next to her job. To balance her busy schedule, Nadine is currently training for her first triathlon which was postponed to 2021 because of COVID-19.


Niklas is part of our technology team, mainly contributing to the development of the back-end and front-end of our platform. Having studied Business Information Systems at Stuttgart Media University, Niklas is interested in using digital technologies to solve real-life issues and provide a positive impact for society. During his studies, he gained practical experiences at the Connected Industry and Digital Transformation divisions of Robert Bosch GmbH where he developed software in the fields of industrial IoT and big data analytics. Niklas loves to travel and speaks German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.


Patrick contributes to DetektivKollektiv mainly by trying to keep things organized in the tech team and doing backend development. He has studied Information Systems at the University of Cologne and is currently working on his Master Thesis on the influence of digital nudging on consumers in local retail settings. Other focal points of his studies have been Green Information Systems, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation. Prior to that, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems and worked as a Solution Architect for Bosch Connected Industry where he supported and implemented various projects in the areas of the Industrial Internet-of-Things, open ecosystems and big data. Fun fact: Patrick can solve the Rubik’s Cube in less than 30 seconds.


After joining DetektivKollektiv as a temporary designer during the #WirVsVirus hackathon, Sandro was so thrilled by the idea of creating a community-based platform fighting disinformation, that he quickly found his place in the tech team. Here he mostly works on frontend development and deals with DevOps activities. After finishing his bachelor studies in the field of Business Information Systems, Sandro joined Bosch Connected Industry as a full-time software developer. As part of an international team he develops industry 4.0 solutions and thereby helps shape the factory of the future. The time away from his computer he likes to dedicate to photography, riding his mountain bike or looking after his two feline flat mates.


At DetektivKollektiv Sebastian works in the concept team to architect and conceptualize the development of the platform. Sebastian is also responsible for identifying, recruiting and managing mentors. Sebastian has a proven track record of 10+ years in IT, with various roles ranging from programming, project management and business development to sales. Further, Sebastian founded his own company in the UK which focused on crowdsourcing. He holds a B.Sc. in Business Information Systems and an Executive Master of Business Administration. Sebastian recently moved to Stockholm and is currently switching industries towards a sustainability related role. In his free time he enjoys life outdoors and you find him trekking, hiking or kayaking and lately also sailing.